Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Good reasons to revive a dead blog

Today, Dec 7 2016, marks an important day in my life. For it was on this day that I opened my FB page (in itself a momentous occasion) and spotted a birthday post from an old nemesis to The One Who Graced The World Twenty-Mumble-Mumble Years Ago This Day. The One does not look her best in the photo. No, she does not. In fact, were my other, scarier, old nemesis to see this photo, many harsher things might have been conveyed. Fuck, there are so many internal references here, don't even bother reading, rest of world. Anyway, back to my point. Old Nemesis(the First) posted this photo and wrote some cloying things in the caption. I was struck dumb. Three sentences? He can put together three sentences? Express love on a public forum? Hell, even be seen in the same frame with Much? Wow, genuine miracle has occurred today. And this, truly, highlights what a memorable day it is. Even the automatons who walk among us can show feelings. 

Happy Birthday Much. Keep that hair and one day Garnier will come begging at your door step. Big year for you. I sincerely cannot believe this is happening. I am fighting some complex battles to be there on the day of. Thanks for the repeated reminders of when that day is. Jan mumble mumble. 

Love and all that,

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