Monday, August 13, 2007

Chow time

Mum suspects the only reason I bother coming home is food. She's halfway there ( She forgot Blinky and Firebolt-TV and Comp respectively who are closer to me than my sister. Jen and I have blood in common, Blinky, Firebolt and me have entwined souls)

Bitching about hostel "food" is my area of expertise. I can (and have) whine about it for days at a stretch. In college I live on a staple diet of Baggry's Muesli(currently, Honey flavour rules) Parle G and water. Hostel equals instant weight loss

Home on the other hand is all about breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same day. Throw in tea time snacks too.

Fat cells start piling on the instant I spot my apartment.Really.

My MustEat list is half done. 3 days more of pigging out :) Going back with food for deprived people at the hostel.

Love is fleetingly abstract, friends drift apart, books get eaten up by tiny worms, good people die and your favourite jeans get ripped in the wrong places. Butter Chicken is forever.

1 comment:

Shweta said...

no friends do NOT drift apart :| and if thats a hint aggie mendonca i promise i ll steal all your Harry Potters, and oh, ALL your ronaldo posters, and never return them.

AND I ll burn your pink stuff.