Monday, September 10, 2007

Big gods and little ones

My country is all about irony. The sort that makes you shake your head a wee bit and smirk at issues that are big enough to make your head pound
We as a nation collectively suck at dealing with things that stick in our craw. Apathy is what we breathe in . Indifference is seeped into our melamine tinted pores.
Irony helps.

Like watching a man pee a clear stream onto a dirty red-streaked wall. Which bears the following advertisment" Boond Boond mien sammaye yeh ehsaas"

Jesus wept.


Nomadica said...

Ah Ag. I dont blame him. i wouldve wept too. On related terms though not equally significant, some pals of mine at coll are planning to launch this anti spitting campaign. dunno if it will work. am very skeptical.

Sigh.Missed you awfully these last few days.

Aggie M said...

miss you skeptical too. But i guess someones gotta move their ass and do somethin