Friday, September 21, 2007


Theobromine can be used to synthesise caffeine. Thus spake our OrgSyn prof with suitable squiggly benzene rings and catalysts.
Finally the object of my affections had a name, a structure and a non stop monologue about " commercial importance "
Coffee keeps me alive. Caffeine keeps me going.
Between 4 hour long Physical and general metallurgy practicals. At 1 in the morning with 45 pgs of pages of inorganic chem tech to go. With project reports and journals to write/copy
5 sems of engg are built on a delicate structure having double bonds and a CH3 group.
Engg sucks.
We bow down to thee o tiny brown beans!!!


Nomadica said...

We are all coffee people. Wont mind being Tuesday people either...just read "Tuesdays with Morrie'. Amazing book.
Price hikes in coffee are THE worst nightmares anyone can have.

Hail les beans noir!

Shweta said...

hmm im (still) trying to give up coffee. of course, giving up means restricting myself to two cups a day so i dont think that counts now does it.

sigh i suck.

why do i keep thinking about you all the time?

Aggie M said...

Hail coffee!
Tuesadays with morrie.. Havent read that. Five people you meet in heaven was sweet tho. Miss you o one with five lakh of the green ones to her name..

Aggie M said...

Shwetu!! life sucks without you. Coffee or no coffee. on that note I'm craving Brownie coffee