Sunday, September 30, 2007

Veni Vidi Virugambakam

Chennai again :) Gleefully happy to go back 3 months after a totally random trip to a fun city. Fun despite the heat, the crazy traffic and all the Tamil jabbering that hits you like a physical force.
This time around Shaastra'07 is the excuse( as opposed to the I-need-a-holiday-and-you-never-let-me-go-alone crap I fed mum and dad last time). Looking forward to meeting Vatti( will bug his brains endlessly) Aashraya(moron get your phone fixed and He-man( ?).
The focus as always will be on food. Normal food. Not cooked in the mess and hence edible type of food.
Life is looking brighter and happier. Assuming I'm done packing. Must move ass.


Nomadica said...

SHASTRA!!!! Isnt tht the IIT M tech fest? Ooh Ag, you lucky thing. yes, MUST move ass :)

Have fun di!

Agnes said...

Shastra rocked. Meeting Vatti was fun too. Realised me has loads to tell you.See you in nov.

R@hul said...

Got hit hard by your August edition of 'chowtime' as I was randomly googling... This was 1 hour ago and I'm still stitching up my sides here....

Commented on this post knowing people never look at the comments of their older posts.

Thanks for a good laugh.