Friday, March 21, 2008


My plant Fester died :(
She died a long time ago. Except that no one bothered to tell me about it.

A month after stroking her tiny pink flowers goodbye, I walked in( more like stumbled in with 2 bags) to see her withered corpse still stuck in the pot. The people who call themselves my parents shiftily turned their eyes away from my horror struck face . Apparently Fester's death does not warranty emergency phone calls or even a proper burial.

It is these incidents which scar us for life. If I wake up one day at the cruel age of 46 and scream "I can see her dried withered skeleton still clinging to the pebbles in her painted pot!!!!!", I'll be having a delayed shock reaction about Fester's painful end.

I called her Festerella after Uncle Fester from Addams family, a man who is almost endlessly fascinating. I painted her pot and almost drowned her while watering.

She was loved. I miss talking to her and counting her flowers. She was a nice plant.

RIP fester.


Shweta said...

RIP fester. You will be sorely missed.

You know, this reminds me of the 'best friend' thing you wrote for your english class in college.

and ooh saw mr and mrs iyer. beyond brilliant!

and bored witless with life. but then again, everyone in college is.

Aggie M said...

And some people at home are bored witless too. Some morons like me manage to do this very succesfully.
Ya, this is like a rip off of the thing I wrote about Harry Gilbert. its okay to plagiarise yourself.
mr and mrs iyer left me pretty stunned too.
met Sharan and Suchi today. And got a new Adrian mole from that book place :)
Mom made spinach soup. Very good spinach soup. i'm amazed.
May the force be with you.

Shweta said...

...and the make-shweta-jealous-and-bitter scheme continues :|

if i didn't miss you so much, i would hate you, you know?

Shweta said...

hail our vettiness!!!

Shweta said...

ps: you ve spelt 'brillaint' wrong :D:D
dont change it it makes me smile

Shweta said...

whee! you have 5 comments!

Shweta said...

and now update!

Aggie M said...

I know!!!
thanks for all the one liners :)