Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Going Solo.

Walking alone is therapy. Walked back alone from the orthodontist today with funny wires poking my gums and a little light headed from the pain. I like my ortho. He looks like a human version of the human Shrek in Shrek 2. He's goofy, smiley and very nice. Even though he treats my mouth like a furniture hauler, and leaves it tasting like slimy rubber latex gloves, I like this man. I'm twisted when it comes to men I like.

I'm home right now. Three days of hols at a stretch and I start pining for dal dunked in roti.Home is where my blog flourishes after horrid dry spells in college.

We have a tiny bamboo plant at home. Our old plant Fester died :(
other new additions are a violently florescent green mosquito repellent and Fiama di wills which i personally think can be used as a drain killer. Ok so I have a thing against fake sounding shampoo names.

Will move my cynical ass to the sofa now. Feeling very vitriolic.


Shweta said...

umm fester? from addams family?
waking alone might be therapy, but doesnt hold a candle to waking with friend who sadly is very annoyed with life because of her joblessness.
are you ok? dont sound so...i dont know, lifeless?
PS- i ve noticed i tend to rant a lot about myself. these little things i always manage to insert into every conversation (electronic or otherwise) we have. hmm im pig-headed :P
and i miss you!

and sharan, before you comment about how much fun you two had together at some random bookstore selling cheap books, or at some random mall, go jump into a well ok?

Aggie M said...

Lifeless? hmm. the inner sun in me felt pretty smothered. But thou knows me Shwetu, i cant mope too long. Meeting Sharan today. We were discussing exactly what sort of perverse plesure we derive by rubbing this in.
I'm becoming a lazy blimp. the sofa's sick of my constant prescence. Saw hp3 on HBO yesterday. Still haven't seen the 5th one. Waiting for thee to make an appearance :)

Aggie M said...

oh yeah and I miss and love you a lot. Dad asked when you're coming home. This is when I fell off the sofa choking on Lays American. He got your name right!!!