Sunday, June 20, 2010

Phantoms in the brain

Way back when life was divided into 12 A and 12 B, bio v/s computers, girls v/s boys, whatever, I remember having the following conversation:

Certain dude (easily guessable if you know the more vocal elements of 12A) : Why Bio? Bio sucks!
Me: No it does not! It makes to sense to study your own fricking body.
CD: Yeah, but all that mugging, where does it gets you? Studying Bio is pointless.
Me: I'm hungry and I have to finish HP 7 again. Please go away.

Oh, thee of little faith! I wish I could shove Phantoms in the brain at this guy. It takes cool to a whole new level. If thoughts about the voices in your head, your other personality, Hugo the Mexican chef and The Zombie in your brain(an actual chapter header) keep you awake at night, this is the book mon. I kid thee not.

V.S Ramachandran is one of those charmingly brilliant types who sees the world in a more enlightened and curious ways. Through his work in neuroscience, we get to know all these little detail about how an immensely complex entity like our brain functions.

Shwetu, I owe you one for this.
On the frequently recurring and complex subject of Shwetu herself, a delayed HAPPY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY man!!!!!!!!
YAY!!! Now we're both 21 and old.
That apart, I miss you. CBD is just plain old crap as usual.

And the Harry Potter theme park. Let's make up for every lost birthday of the past there. We have to do this!!!!!!! :)


Such! said...

Umm, this could also be put on BCY, dont ya think?
(in a nicer version)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Umm. Ok. CD, seconded. Bio minus Genetics = Bleargh. Genetics was AWESOME! The rest was plain :|.

Aggie M said...

@ Suchi: :| Okie mom

@ Deng: C'mon man! How can you not be curious about how your own body works? It's all so logical.
Though all that taxonomy stuff was like bleargh.

Anonymous said...

The conversation made me nostalgic, even though I have no clue who the guy was. (Do I know him? If it's a pompous brilliant ass everyone knows, then do I know him? :D)

Shweta said...

Now my birthday is complete. A mention on your blog. When all that Sharan said would happen in ten years comes to pass, your blog shall be my claim to fame.

And the book! The whole Phantom limb process- the mirror trick! Wasn't it eerie and wonderful at the same time?

Aggie M said...

It was eerie and so brilliant at the same time :D
As in, it does not get any simpler than a mirror. Like home remedies for phantom limbs!! :)
I think the only thing i'll be famous for is stalking Alex Skargaard someday :D

Vivek said...

I am reading the book right now. It's really good.

I suggest you watch Ramachandran's TED talk. Really entertaining (and of course, informative!) guy.