Monday, June 7, 2010

To nowhere and back

Is an interesting journey for those who posses:
a) A lack of purpose
b) An active imagination (six impossible things before brekkie, that sort of thing)
c) Are perpetually dazed and confused
d) Have a car

No i mean really, a car just puts my entire fricking existence in perspective.

The rains finally decided to make their presence felt. I think they magnify everything you feel by a factor of 1000. Like spurts of mega happiness, then bits of melancholy( a bit of a standard thing on days as sepia orange as these) swerving through giant mini-lake sized puddles and having random songs rips your heart out.
This is what the monsoon does to me.

This was one of the best first days of the rains ever.
Mostly due to the fact that we got to drive around aimlessly while the rains lashed the roads into a frenzy. Then we chanced upon a lake and stopped to stare at sheets of water ripping on its surface. Add coffee to all of that, and we were as close to nirvana as one can get when one is 21 and languishing in New Bombay.

Suchi and Himanshu, muchas gracias amigos :) One hell of an awesome day.

Then there's the bit about Visa forms, Nine Lives, A Suitable Boy, Glee and my Origami crane. Another post dudes. Soon


gynelwazlib said...

i still stand by the wish of jumpin in man. And you guys should have probably stopped me from consuming CCD itself. Brains still buzzing.
Also, dear lord, Im thankful that Im back home alive. It proves that you haven't given up on me.
But I'm more thankful about the the books.

S said...


Shweta said...

You two haven't been to Just Read?! Ok, now my Kochi trip just got a lot better :D.

Let's go soon!

gynelwazlib said...

O we went. We also registered. We also got 2 books. Nine Lives and Jap Wife.

Himanshu said...

It was sooooooo much fun...
I loved the next day too... You drive really well. I miss that lovely weather. The monsoon is yet to arrive at this god forsaken place... :(

@muchi Hehe.. Drink yaar, kya load hai!! And, i am a great driver. I ll someday drive you to parsik hill (and back, if possible :P). That ll be fun.

Miss you!! Will be heading to the local library in the evening. Will call u and ask for recommendations.

Aggie M said...

One weird summer
Stupid thunderstorm last night?
What's the point if its tow and we're supposed to be asleep.
@ Muchi, Sharah, Shwetu: Ne'er the twain shall meet :|

@He-man: Frigging come back man. And Glass Palace might be boring. I found Porno tho :D

William Deng-Deng K. said...

U just made me super duper jealous. :( I've half-evaporated from all this heat. :|

But u had an awesome day. So, yay! Hi5! :)

S said...

I didn't know where else to say this but Deng, if you're reading this: I WANT PERMISSION TO READ YOUR BLOG!

Antoine said...

O we went. We also registered. We also got 2 books. Nine Lives and Jap Wife. Die :D