Friday, June 25, 2010

There is no Plan B

There are some movies that make it worth crawling out of bed at 7 am and driving in pissing rain for. Movies that help you forgive the mouldy seats, crappy popcorn and the hormonal couple going at it two rows ahead.

The A Team was pretty Awesome, the sort that makes me move my bum and blog about. This used to be a series on TV that I missed on account of not being born back then. I can't really decide how it compares to the original but as a movie by itself it was one hell of a watch.

If you're the kind you enjoys meaningless wacky action, brash, loud macho stuff then A team is totally worth it. The Alpha team consists of Hannibal Smith, Face, BA and Murdock who specialize in the "ridiculous". 8 years and 80 missions down the line, everything's good for our guys till the conventional shit hits a very large fan and becomes effervescent.

In any brash American type of movie, throwing the words Saddam, counterfeit notes and CIA in any permutation and combination constitutes a well though out plot. Hence, expect nothing from A Team in those respects. What scores here is the dialog and the way the team comes together.
Most of the action leaves you awed and laughing hysterically at the overtly macho and supremely awesome way they pull off successively crazy stunts.

The best thing ever was the flying tank sequence and the window cleaner free fall one. Considering we are all very jaded movie veterans, it still is fun to see a larger than life tank falling from the sky and firing ammo mid air.

Murdock spinning on rotor blades and singing "You spin my head right round" is one of the funnier scenes and the car in a 3D movie one is KILLER.
Man, I dont want to spoil this. Get over your instinctive disdain for all things big and American, leave a chunk of your hippocampus at home and A team is a fun deal :)


Such! said...

First you leave me to rot at home and go alone and then you blog about it.
And then, you also have the balls (snigger) to enjoy it.
You are dead meat.

S said...

LIAM FUCKING NEESON. 'Nough said. The guy does ALL kinds of movies.

Puneet said...

An action packed movie at 7 in the mornin! A Peaceful and a quite start to the day is not your kind eh? :)
The movie is indeed kick ass by the way.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Weasel, a movie review on ur blog? Wow! This must be some movie. :O

Agnes said...

@ Muchi : You never come mon. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Carry you from your house?

@S: He's soooo hot :D

@ Puneet: Screw peace :) I'm watching toy story tomorrow to make up for meaningless violence :)

@ Deng: Wtach it now!!! Now!! Its that awesome :)