Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Karma Chameleon

Mommie I owe thee one. For fluffy omelette's and dal-roti
And yeah, a little more than that too.

Navi Mumbai again. Sems just whizz past so bloody fast. Skimming the surface of your frazzled brain, making you wonder about lessons learnt(and unlearnt), food eaten (and puked), spiders killed(and insects given mouth-to-mouth), insane muscle ripping screaming laughter (and painful heart clenching stabs of doubt ,pain, fear and guilt)
Shit a whole sem's over. Terminated. Someone messed up with space-time, by the looks of it.
I want closure on III sem. This is it I guess

Very little studying, very little food, too many tears( they weren't even mine to hurt so much) and yeah those painful giggles that come straight from your gut and leave you wheezing for an hour.

To Dharini and Veera who've shared this wacky sem. Will miss stumbling into their rooms and dissecting vital issues like PMS, men who live in cupboards(and yes,men who'd like to), dieting tips and the sluttier individuals of the female species.Miss the girly bonding. And playing zara zara in class at full volume(hee hee Kadoo. Don't tell me we didn't live a little this sem.). Three consecutive days of choco-ball dinners. Walking for an hour in beautiful pollution-scented, smoke-tinted November rain. Bike rides. Jiving, cigarette smoke, rum-and-raisin Temptations, no space for new messages. Abusing Nescafe and Rupa.
Kisses, cuddles and random happy sun beams :)

Hedonistic, abstract,crazy and fun.

Closure, baby

Chennai was fun, btw. Vatti rocked, so did Shaastra and Ash. And God is still rocking something, somewhere. Talk about making an impression.

Khichidi, potato papad and buttermilk for dinner. I'm a happy kid. Mommie loves me.


Aggie M said...

I love this post. It feels like I've ripped a tiny chunk of memories and laid them bare.
III sems over. Well into IVth now. And Bhat's gonna be a sore issue I guess. i'll miss him

Aggie M said...

Aggie 5th sems over too.
you broke up with Niranjan.
it was ugly, painful and you have so many regrets about the whole mess.
anyway you knew it wasnt gonna last forever.
I think you knew you would screw this up. i guess we both agree that it was totally worth it though :D

Aggie M said...

that last comment is like so smarmy.
I'm dating Naresh now after a lot of agonizing over but-they-are-friends-na :)

agnes said...

i keep coming back to this post baby.
lets see how long this naresh phase lasts :)

Veera said...

aggie i love this post as well :) its just so awesome :) took me back to 3rd sem.... 3rd sem was just so 3rd sem... words fail me...
is this some kind of secret post which no one can read? :P tune kuch bhi comment kiya hai na? :P
so while we're at it: I broke up with Abhisek. And i dont wanna get back. Period.

Veera said...

I cant get over how awesome this post it :) :) :)

Aggie M said...

@veera: maine kuch bhi random comment kiya :)
im so glad you're the one who found this secret post.
this a bit of my head; and its not pretty.
I love the post tho.
3rd sem was something

@Aggie: umm, so Naresh is over too now.
what are you? The world's foremost expert on the 6 month relationship?
sucker :|

Veera said...

Aggie Baibeeeeee!! college is over :( and i miss u infinitely much!!!! was missing you so much just had to come back and read this post... feel much better... something weird happens to me everytime i read this..the deep inside stuff..
this post is beautiful :)i wish i cud write lik this.
damn! college is over :( :(

Aggie M said...

Just you and me huh?
I'd semi forgotten about this secret post. Like the way you semi forget a song, and then hear it years later.
We're both in different colleges now and I still know that there's no one in the whole damn world I'd rather call than you.

We're past VNIT I think. On to ahem, bigger , better things ;)
I like Derek. he's cute. let's see what I can do to him in 6 months.
And I love Taha's voice. Can't wait to see you guys together.

Secret :)

@Aggie: Will I ever frickin get over Deng?
Infinite love,