Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nothing happened today

Nothing happened today.
Hours spent in front of Blinky and Firebolt don't count.
Family will go ape shit at this rate.
Bonding with Stephen King.
There's a reason why people don't read this blog(and leave their enlightening comments).Its a lame blog where nothing really seems to happen(yeah OK reassure me and all now).
Why is brilliance an unattainable ideal?


Shweta said...

theres a reason people dont read this blog :|

you realize you re talking about the sole reason i survive my maths labs?

hmm now that probably explains my sheer cluelessness in math.

my mum sent me United jersey :)will send you pic later. am in love. with my jersey. and your blog.

will stop before this turns puke-worthy.

Nomadica said...

since shwetu's done all the mushy talk here (hehe!) I'll just say:

keep blogging!